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Laser Marking Board

Laser Mark Station

 Two universal digital input signals (TTL compatible).
 Laser-Mark-Station operates as an industrial marking machine.
 A dedicated laser interface that interfaces directly with the IPG YLP series of lasers.
 Laser-Mark-Station requires an external monitor and supports VGA and HDMI interfaces.
 The Laser-Mark-Station has four USB ports and a network port on the side, as well as push button switches.
 Three universal digital output signals (TTL compatible). OUT0, OUT1, OUT2.
 The power supply of Laser-Mark-Station is DC24V/5A switching power supply, and the power supply interface is green 2P terminal.
 Providing an encoder and a photoelectric switch interface, real-time detection line speed, to ensure high-speed marking effect.
 The other side of The Laser-Mark-Station has a DB15 hole-scanhead  port ,DB25 hole-laser control signal port,DB9 hole-fly marking signal  port,DB37 hole-General purpose IO signal port .
 Galvanometer control for digital signals,can be directly connected to the internationally accepted digital galvanometer.

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